"Benefits Continue To Improve"

Physio Benefits

Since my late teenage years, I have had hayfever from June to September each year, with principle symptoms of itchy, watery eyes and sensitivity to light. Initially, I used Piriton tablets for relief but with the usually side effects of mild drowsiness. I then changed to Zirtek which was effective and without side-effects, although requiring a tablet every day throughout the summer months.

In February 2009, I had treatment with Debbie for a stiff shoulder, using a combination of conventional therapy and The Bowen Technique. When Debbie heard of my troubles with hayfever she suggested that The Bowen Technique might alleviate my symptoms and she incorporated specific head and neck techniques within my shoulder treatment. I was pleased to see a gradual easing of my hayfever, with a cumulative benefit over the months so that I was able to reduce the intake of tablets markedly over the summer to only occasional use to deal with acute episodes.

During this year, my shoulder treatments have reduced to maintenance intervals every 6-8 weeks, but still incorporating the Bowen hayfever techniques. The benefits continue to improve as I have only had to take 3 tablets up to the beginning of July and have had no symptoms what so ever since then.


Quick relief for chronic neck and shoulder problem

A friend recommended me to Debbie Golding at Woodbridge Physio Practice as I had a chronic neck and shoulder problem, was getting no sleep and was in a lot of pain. The problem was diagnosed quickly and accurately and within a couple of sessions there was an improvement, and another two sessions on, it is so much better. The practice has a welcoming atmosphere and the treatment and advice I have received has been practical, effective and sympathetic. I have also learned to pay better attention to my body and have better awareness of my posture and how to watch out for it. I am grateful to my friend for sending me there and am really pleased with the results.


"Never Looked Back"

Ten years ago my family and I made the decision to move to Suffolk, with no prior knowledge of the area. We still congratulate ourselves on a wise choice.

My second decision was equally successful, to find a Physiotherapy Practice where I could receive professional help, a high standard of expertise, treatment, advice and a sympathetic reception. I have never looked back!


"Caring Attitude"

Thank you for your caring attitude and providing a valuable and much appreciated patient centred service!


"Recommend To Anyone"

Thank you so much for your help and advice. I will be recommending you to anyone with aches and pains and will be back if I have further problems.


"I thought Barney Clarkson was brilliant!"

What better testimonial can I give but to recommend my daughter, son in law and my husband for treatment with him.

Mrs V.F.


"Now able to exercise as well as I did 30 years ago"

As an avid footballer in my early years I grew up with weak Achilles Tendons.  Following two treatments later and my left leg felt better than ever...that was 3 years ago.  Since then I have also fixed my right leg so that I am now exercising as I did 30 years ago!

Mr S.C.


"Money well spent"

Fantastic treatment from Amanda, I never thought I could relax so much and feel so good! Thoroughly recommend Bowen Treatment, it certainly works for me.  Money well spent!

Mrs P.P.


"Bowen is Miraculous"

I have tried many forms of treatment for a long standing back problem over many years and I can honestly say that none of them have been as effective as Bowen Therapy.  After only 4 treatments I have never felt better.  Bowen affects the mind and spirit as well as the body.  I highly recommend it.   Bowen is nothing short of miraculous as far as I am concerned!

A. L .


"Highly Recommended"

I had terrible back pain. I visited Amanda and had excellent results. Returned for second visit and again received excellent treatment and am now feeling so much better!.

Highly recommended.  

Mrs L. R.    


"I was very impressed"                                                

Louisa carried out a very thorough assessment and identified the source of my back pain. She gave me some physio to ease the pain and some strengthening exercises ahead of a follow up appointment. She also took the trouble to write out the exercises on a full page of A4.

I was very impressed – she is a great addition to the team.

Back to golf sooner rather than later!

Mr K. M.


"I cannot thank you enough"

Dear Amanda

Just returned from a lovely holiday in France, which I would have cancelled but for your help.

I cannot thank you enough.

Yours sincerely

Mr W. B.