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Bowen Testimonials

Peter, 40, was unable to put weight through his right foot, being in severe pain from the buttock right down the leg.

He was extremely tense and tight. Following one treatment session he was virtually pain free and was able to walk normally.

He returned for a further session, but has remained free since.


Sarah, 15, was suffering from 3-4 migraines a week, usually waking in the morning feeling sick, and having to stay in bed until the attack had run its course.

After only one treatment she had a considerable improvement and after 3 she has had no more migraines.

The improvement has held and though she occasionally gets an ‘aura’, she has not had another migraine in the past 18 months since treatment.


Lesley, 52, had tried several therapies in an attempt to cure her frozen shoulder, including a steroid injection.

Following 4 sessions of Bowen she was amazed by the reduction in pain and restriction of movement, and now has Bowen every few months to keep up the health benefits.