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What is acupuncture?

Acupuncture is the practise of inserting very fine needles under the skin at specific points in order to stimulate the body’s ability to heal itself. The needles stimulate nerve endings in the muscles and surrounding tissue, which creates both a neurological and chemical response. The effect this has on the higher centres within the brain and spinal cord results in a normalisation of the bodies automatic processes, helping to reduce stress and promote relaxation. The energy within the body is balanced, stimulating improved body function and a return to health.

What to expect

Treatment with acupuncture is simple, safe and effective. Most patients find the effects of treatment relaxing and often gain a feeling of general well being. The needles used are single use and pre-sterilised. They are painless and cause very little trauma with only a small number of patients experiencing minor bleeding or bruising. The needles can remain in for between 10-40 minutes and will sometimes be stimulated to gain a feeling which is know as ‘De Qi.’ This can be a deep, achy or tingling feeling and often produces a warming effect. De Qi helps with the effectiveness of treatment.

Very good results can be achieved with as little as 2-3 sessions, however best effects are most often gained from ongoing treatment spaced out appropriately. This can vary depending on the patient and their condition and can be between 6-12 sessions per course of treatment. Some may need many more treatments consisting of more than one course, in order to achieve significant improvements.

Some people find acupuncture so beneficial that they decide to continue with treatment on a regular basis – weekly, monthly or even yearly depending on the need.

Affordable Acupuncture for everyone

Joining an ever growing number of therapist in the UK who aim to provide effective treatment at a more affordable cost, Barney has set up an acupuncture clinic at Woodbridge Physiotherapy Practice based on the ‘multi-bed’ model. By treating many people at the same time the overheads are shared, making lower costs possible. At Woodbridge Physiotherapy Practice patients are treated in individual treatment rooms which maintains privacy, allowing patients to relax into their treatments. You can benefit from high quality, effective acupuncture at a more affordable cost.

Please go to ACMAC.net for more information on the provision of acupuncture  in “multibed and community acupuncture clinics”.