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Who can benefit?

There are a great variety of conditions which Bowen can help, these include:

  • Back / neck / shoulder pain
  • Sciatica
  • Whiplash
  • Frozen shoulder
  • Sports injuries
  • Knee / ankle / foot pain
  • Tennis / Golfers Elbow
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Migraine / headaches
  • Infant Colic
  • Hayfever / Asthma
  • Repetitive Strain Injury
  • Acute / chronic pain
  • Arthritis
  • Problems arising through pregnancy
  • Gynae problems – infertility, PMS
  • MS, and other neurological conditions
  • Chronic Fatigue / ME
  • Stress
  • Digestive problems – IBS, Colitis, Crohns

Bowen in Sport

Bowen is useful in three respects with regards to sport:

  • For the treatment of sports injuries
  • To reduce the risk of re-injury
  • To prevent injury

Regular Bowen can help sports people experience less injury, reduce severity of injury and can greatly reduce healing time. Bowen can enhance performance by increasing flexibility and balancing the structure of the body.

At the Suffolk Bowen Therapy Centre we are fully qualified physiotherapists so we can also compliment our treatment with our vast knowledge and experience in setting up stretching and exercise programmes.

Bowen and Asthma

Asthma is a very individual condition and a holistic therapy such as Bowen is ideally designed to address the problem according to the individual’s needs.

Whether mild or severe Bowen can help to reduce the level of the attack very quickly as well reducing the frequency of attacks and reliance on medication.

Many studies are being undertaken and results are very positive.

Bowen and pregnancy

Back pain during pregnancy is a common consequence of carrying a baby. Various skeletal disorders develop, especially in the last trimester as your ligaments, muscles, tendons and joints all have extra load placed upon them.

  • Lower Back Pain (LBP)
  • Groin / pubic pain
  • Coccyx / tail bone pain
  • Sciatica

Bowen Therapy is a gentle and effective way to address these types of pain.

Bowen and babies

Babies often develop digestive problems after a feed, and have tummy cramps (colic) and infrequent bowel movements. They may have sinus congestion and runny, watery eyes, or may just be generally unsettled.

Bowen can be highly effective in the treatment of these problems, in a gentle non-invasive manner.