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Power Assisted Micromanipulation

What is Power Assisted Micromanipulation?

This specialist equipment has been developed to mobilise and re-align the whole spine. The PAM handset is a bionic hand which has four fingers controlled by 3 programmes of varying power/speed. Whilst the therapist retains all the sensitivity and control of their natural fingers, bionics enable the therapist to work at an energy-speed that would otherwise be impossible. The benefits for you PAM restores mechanical efficiency to the spine, eliminating the concentration of stresses to any particular spinal segment. Mobilisation and re-alignments of the complete vertebral column enables the spine to carry out its correct function allowing stresses to flow through the spine as nature intended.

Conditions it treats

By treating the underlying cause of back pain, PAM is extremely effective for:

  • Chronic back pain
  • Stiff spinal joints
  • Scoliosis
  • Impaired spinal function
  • Back problems associated with marked rigidity and stiffness

What to expect

As part of your treatment at Woodbridge Physiotherapy Practice PAM will be used if your therapist feels it is necessary. The different settings available range in both speed and intensity and combine to have an overall improved effect. The strength of treatment can be adjusted to suit your needs.