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Bowen Therapy

How Bowen Can Help?

The Bowen Technique is a treatment that sets the body up to heal itself. The rolling Bowen moves over soft tissue, tendons and muscle encourages re-balancing and re-alignment of the body. Apart from the initial improvement achieved during the therapy session, improved working of the circulation, lymphatics and muscle condition allows the self healing process to continue for several days following the treatment.

Three successive treatments are recommended at weekly intervals to encourage continued improvement and lasting relief from long standing pain. Additional treatment may be required for complex conditions or if re-injury occurs.

One unusual feature of the technique is the short rests during the treatment when the practitioner leaves the client. This short break gives time for the body to respond to the very precise and effective stimulation of the gentle moves before we move on to the next set of instructions or moves. Working too much on the body just overloads the system – like opening too many applications on your computer. Too much information just slows the whole process down and it may even crash where the body doesn’t respond, since too much was asked of it in one treatment session.

The moves can be applied either directly on the skin or through light clothing.

The gentle nature of Bowen means it is particularly effective for all ages including babies & children and the elderly.