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Do I need to be referred by a doctor for Physiotherapy treatment?

No, but if you are claiming on your medical insurance you need to contact them first as they may require a medical referral.

Do all medical Insurances cover Physiotherapy?

Yes, all those we have dealt with to date do, but it is worth checking your policy before commencing treatment.

How do I know if a Physiotherapist is fully qualified?

The title of Physiotherapist is now protected and can only be used by those registered with the Health Professions Council. They will have MCSP after their name which stands for Member of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy.

How quickly will I be seen?

We do not keep a waiting list and will see you on the same day if possible or usually within a few days. Please fill out our appointment form if you are ready for treatment, get in contact with us today.

What do I need to wear?

The Physiotherapist will need to see the affected area so you may need to undress to your underwear. Bring shorts if you wish. Bowen Therapy may be performed through light clothing.